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Product Description
Box Size
Inner size
160*81.5*10.92mm, fit for iPhone 8p same size and smaller than this size
battery capacity
battery Input/output
5V 2.1A/5V 2.1A
Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp
Customized packaging
Function& Operating instructions:
1:There are 2 Models, one with wireless charger, another one without, pls advise which one you want.
2.Sterilize cell phone, support wireless charger mobile phone charging while sterilization
2: Blue light: Battery Level Indicator
3: Green light: The lamp is on when wireless charging not under load and off after long time unload
4: Red light: The lamp is on when wireless charging under load
5: Short press twice open UV lamp, and the same to turn off, auto off after 15 minutes
6: Short press one time, battery lamp open and USB out put
7: Long press open wireless charging function, green light open, the same to turn off
Question:can you sanitize toothbrush heads in this?

Yes, you can as long as your toothbrush fits in the compartment. I purchased these as Xmas gifts and everyone loves it. I have the XL version where I clean my iPad, iPhone, small laptop, toothbrushes and makeup brushes; basically anything I want sanitized.

Question:how big is it inside?

Here are the inner dimensions:
Millimeters: 160 L X 81.5 W X 10.92 H MM
Inches: 6.3 L x 3.22 W x .43 H

Question:Can you publish the actual study that shows the results you claim? As a scientist, the current literature suggests UV light does not kill bacteria.

It is well-established that UV light kills microbes. I am a microbiologist and I have not seen any literature suggesting
otherwise... and this would be big news to the scientific community.
By Amazon Customer on January 3, 2020 See more answers (6)

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